Who are Paralegals?

Paralegals play a crucial role in executing legal actions. They are the right hand of the attorneys as they run errands for them. Paralegals have reasonable qualifications and are fit to work under the supervision of a lawyer. They align and organize clients’ records and carry out a legal rundown to back their cases with legal provisions. They carry out delegated duties that would otherwise waste an attorney’s crucial time. Paralegals save 2.5 hours per day of the lawyers deducting superfluous work. They have an integral role in legal proceedings as they are cognizant of the constitution and legal issues. However, they are not formally qualified lawyers. They underpin administrative tasks in collaboration with solicitors, barristers, and chartered legal executives.

About Our Paralegals

Paralegal staff at VICSERVER organize trial notes, case summaries, document preparation, and reviews to help lawyers represent their clients in the best way possible. In addition, we conduct closings on Real Estate, including notary services and signing along with Commercial and Residential. Above all, our paralegal staff backs our clients by coordinating with the witnesses and maintaining documents. All these services are administered by the most reliable and professionally experienced team. You can appoint our paralegal server for profusely complex cases, yet you will be pleased to attain favorable results. Thus, if you are looking for adept paralegal services, VICSERVER is the best pick for you.

Our Forte

The paralegal staff is primarily dedicated to sharing the burden of the lawyers. They are not qualified lawyers but retain substantial knowledge of law and constitution. Paralegals at our firm are highly proficient and are efficient at dealing with legal duties. They have significant experience in handling critical issues with expertise in lawful activities. They assure swift delivery of the needed task with charges that do not burden your pockets. Our highly dedicated team ensures the proceedings are executed professionally within the confines of law and constitution.
Paralegal Services

What are the dominions of a paralegal?

Paralegals, just like the paramedic staff, can execute any task that their qualified seniors bring off. They can mimic attorneys and other legal advisors under the supervision of an acclaimed professional. They only undertake assignments that the constitution approves of. They push the efficiency of a law firm by managing tasks like case research, doing the paperwork, and delivering client-specific services. The onus of paralegals is discussed below:


The extensive workload could be backbreaking for the lawyers. Communication with clients on that can add pain to the injury. Clients expect their legal aid providers to be all ears to them. It is necessary that the lawyers listen and scrutinize their client’s statement vigilantly. They must communicate with their clients in an assertive manner. However, to cut off the burden from a lawyer’s piled-up duties, paralegal staff can articulate to the clients as their substitute. Through assertive communication, paralegals can fetch critical points to the lawyers, inform their clients about the legal proceedings and actively listen to their clients. Resultantly, the clients’ experience is satisfactory, and the lawyers can look into more critical and complex issues of the case.

Manage Client's Files

Meanwhile, the lawyers conduct critical tasks. It would be arduous for them to manage and organize paperwork. Paralegals can collect and organize the information for the lawyers to skim through and get the gist of the associated data. By giving a hand in such tasks, paralegals are actually providing the lawyers with enough time to concentrate on issues that need solid attention.

Witness Inquiry

Paralegals record the statements of their clients. They also get the statement of their witness. Through their inquisitive session, they grab a better understanding of the case and draw a better conclusion from the recorded words. On the contrary, lawyers may interact with their potential witnesses and with their clients when needed. Generally, paralegals perform the task of interrogating their clients and witnesses to extract pieces that may help lawyers in court.

Draft Legal Documents

When assimilating the role of paralegals, drafting legal documents is an understood chore for the paralegals. The utmost duty of a paralegal staff is to draft discovery notices and requesting for prepping documents for transactions. They draft correspondences and pleadings that include complaints, subpoenas, interrogatories, and deposition notices. They may also cover pretrial orders and legal briefs.

Paralegal Services By VicServer

VICSERVER is always on its toes to provide its clients with all paralegal services. The top-notch paralegal staff is our core strength that ultimately benefits our clients. Through their impeccable skills and extraordinary experience, our paralegal staff will make it easy for you to fight the case. Once you hire our employees, you won’t have to scratch your head for little things like drafting pleas and other documents. We, as a legal firm, furnish our clients with the following services:
  • Document filing according to the schedule
  • Legal research on cases
  • Analysis and summary of documents
  • Making a Court / Case Bundle
  • Filing and Issuing Court Papers
  • Document Proofreading
  • Legal drafting, along with documents, witness statements, and letters
  • Assembling court documents
  • Form Completion
  • Due Process
  • Conducting legal research and drafting agreements
It is a piece of cake to stumble these services in every law firm. However, VICSERVER has gained popularity for delivering the services aptly and providing the customers with comfort. VICSERVER has proven itself to be the best choice for the people seeking legal aid through its professional and adept conduct of services.

It serves myriad areas of legal disputes such as: real estate, bankruptcy, contracts, estate planning, divorce and family law, civil litigation, and business litigation.

  • We organize trial notebooks and exhibits, case summaries, document preparation, and reviews.
  • Closings on Real Estate: Notary Services and Signing - Commercial and Residential.
  • We provide trial support such as witness coordination, exhibit and document maintenance.


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