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Process Server Offers | Who can Serve Legal Documents?

Are you bewildered about how to break the news of divorce to your spouse? Are you reluctant to face the persecutor but need to inform him about the legal pursuit? Are you unable to locate the swindler after you filed a complaint?

With our service of process at VICSERVER, you don’t need to trouble yourself with such thoughts. Our Process Server will fetch the documents to your intended recipient; in time, without mistaking the address.

Have you been incognizant of such a service? Get a better insight into the service and ease your legal proceedings as much as possible.

Who are Process Servers?

A process server or document server is an official who delivers subpoenas, writs, warrants, and other legal documents to the intended recipient’s address. The assignment is to serve as a communication bridge between a court and a citizen by furnishing the recipient with subpoenas promulgated by the court.

They are not qualified enough to dispense legal advice for you. Rather it is a legitimate process to notify all the associated parties of any forthcoming legal action. There are certain protocols that process serving must include. After fulfilling their duty, they must notify the court that the document has safely been furnished to its recipient.

Although their primary duty is to serve the public with their designated legal documents, their obligations may also include; filling the court documents and fetching the legal manuscripts. In addition, the process server you hire may also provide a skip tracing service to locate people to hand over the documents. Private companies, courts, and other investigative firms may hire people to facilitate the public through such tertiary services and make their lives comfortable.

What does a Process Server Offer?

Let’s suppose one of your business rivals has filed a complaint against you based on corporate resentment, or one of your colleagues has sued you for a bogus case. How will you learn a person has commenced a legal war against you? The court issues a subpoena against you, but you don’t expect a person to call you and resolve the issue on call. Rather, the decree is fetched to your address.

The person on duty for the service of the process is specially oriented to locate the individuals to whom the court has summoned or issued a document. The process servers locate and physically reach the summoned individuals to provide them with the legal documents. Resultantly, the recipient can attend court hearings, hire their attorney and defend themselves against the pursuit or can overlook the subpoena as they wish.

Regardless of their decision, the services of a process server have been fulfilled, i.e., delivering the legal documents to the defense. The obligations of the process serving do not involve drafting a legal document or ushering the recipient on any party regarding any legal action or advice; they are not qualified either. However, they may fill the court forms with mandatory information for you or retrieve documents from the court.

Who can Serve Legal Documents?

Generally, legal documents can be served by any person in Victoria, apart from the exceptions. It is imperative that the process server Victoria serves legal documents to the right address with no exemption of mistake. The person whose profession is to serve legal documents must have conducted an affidavit of service from 6A. They must swear or certify the affidavit in the presence of an accredited person.

A process server is a person who serves the public with legal documents through personal or ordinary service. All in all, any person who knows the legal obligations of process serving is eligible for the job.

Who can Serve Legal Documents in Victoria, Melbourne?

Subsequent to filing a legal manuscript to the Magistrate court, the other party must be served with a copy of the document. Anybody can serve legal documents in Melbourne. However, some legal obligations may imply depending on the recipient and the type of document being served. For children and handicapped, there are specifications for which the process server must show prudence. Hence apart from professional obligations, there are no restrictions or eligibility criteria for a person to serve the public with legal documents. Process serving is a professional opportunity anyone can use in Melbourne.

Why choose the Process server?

Instead of handing over the legal document by you, hiring a process server is safe. They are proficient and acquainted with legal obligations you may not know. Resultantly, you may complicate the situation. In addition, the lawsuits need to be served within a time limit specified in the constitution. Hiring a person for timely service will help you eliminate the stress associated with deadlines. Likewise, most federal governments prohibit their residents from fetching legal documents for the defense by themselves. In such situations, hiring a neutral third party can help.


Top 5 Process Servers in Victoria

One of the top-notch services of a process server in Victoria is VICSERVER. It is a well-established firm that family members execute, which gives it the stability for streamlining workflow. VICSERVER keeps its pace to match the continuous court’s evolution and legal amendments. The firm strives to serve the legal documents within 24 hours of issuance, and the bonus is that they also collect and bring back the original manuscripts to you. The professional process servers recruited by the firm serve divorce, Family Law, civil and criminal documents, and International Court Paper throughout Victoria. After the process server has delivered the documents, the firm assures the clients through navigation and visual proofs.

Other firms include Serve Doc, process all over, ABC legal, and Network process service that serve in Victoria. Some of the mentioned firms serve specific legal documents, while others assist the whole. ABC legal claims to provide impetus services and visual proofs of the delivered documents. Network process service offers their clients compensation for volume work. The firm serves countrywide and also serves New Zealand. Serve doc provides process servers that deliver personal, corporate, divorce, and other personal documents.

However, the clients may prefer VICSERVER to fetch documents.

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